Symptom Buds Dying

Broad Mites

Broad Mites 1

Broad mites on your cannabis plants are so tiny they are practically impossible to spot with the naked eye, and can even be difficult to see under a microscope. Broad Mite Symptoms: With broad mites, thenew growth may be twisted,blistered…

Bud Rot or Mold

Bud Rot or Mold 3

Sometimes the first sign of bud rot is a few leaves on the buds turn yellow seemingly overnight. The base of these leaves is where the bud is rotting How to Prevent & Stop Bud Rot (quick summary) “When I…

Accidental Re-Vegging

Accidental Re-Vegging 5

What Causes Plants to Grow Smooth Leaves? What does it mean to accidentally “re-veg” a cannabis plant? “Re-veg” is short for “re-vegetation” and refers to what happens if a plant that has started flowering re-enters the vegetative stage. The majority…