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Wild Berry Zkittlez AutoFlower

Wild Berry Zkittlez AutoFlower Strain Info

Wild Berry Zkittlez F1-F3 series is made with a Roc Bud Inc’s famous Purple Roc Berry V1 female and FireBudz101 CareBear F2 select male that was used in his breeding works across the yard , meaning the male is a total stud . Wild Berry Zkittlez F3 grows very fast and quick with a great vigorous structure that comes from the dominated female used in this breeding . WBZ F1 focused on Purple Phenos , Frost Levels , and Big Structure while keeping its potency and heavy yields . We really tried to push the purple pheno only to find out that it didn’t test as potent as the other mixed phenos we saw as we selected the breeds for the 2nd and 3rd generation . We saw that the mixed color (Purple , Black , Dark Greens and Neons). We’re the best selects . So we worked the F1 all purple pheno into the F2s . That presented the start on the F3s for more of a Balance and overall checklist profile to get the best results we were asking for with major league profiles for the AutoFlower !

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Wild Berry Zkittlez AutoFlower Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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