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White Woods Cookies

White Woods Cookies Strain Info

A cross of the indica male with a sativa female. The offspring are around 60I/40S.
The indica pheno is bushy with side branching that stay tight to the main stem, very unusual trait. The sativa pheno is more smelly and finishes 4-5 days later. The stem is surprisingly rigid and the flower really has that GSC look to it.

I'm not that much into the new school varieties but the cookies is famous for frost and density so i had to give it a try! The offspring I chose a parent from were sold as Bx2s and 2 phenos came out. Super indica and sativa.
Both pheno have that Vicks Vaporub stem smell and even reflects in the finished product. A deep plain kush smell is the dominant aroma of the strain but the indica pheno is more on the kush side and the sativa is more in the flower spectrum like a rose type soft herbal twist. There is a portion of weird salt in it, like a smokey/salty when you rub your nose after smelling the plant.

Indoor flowering around 9 weeks

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White Woods Cookies Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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