Strain Info

Ultimate Circle

Flower Time: 60 Days
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Ultimate Circle Strain Info

Cross = Bubba Kush (Kasu) x UK Monkey
Flowering time = 8–9 weeks (12h/12h)
THC = about 20%
Yield = 14–17.5 oz. m²
Ratio = 30% Sativa – 70 % Indica

Terpenes = OG Kushy Berry
Stretch = Multiplies in size by 1.5 over 3 weeks
The Kasu Cut strain, which is feminised, has been a real legend in the USA since the 2000s, where it can be found under several crosses in a lot of dispensaries due to its potent medical properties and its strong THC levels. Its beautiful buds covered in trichomes give it a tangy red berry taste, which you won’t be able to forget! Its intensity in the mouth is such that it’s easy to understand why this original strain of Bubba Kush has won so many cups all over the world. It is a truly renowned strain in the cannabis world. Wanted Seeds offers our latest version with our own UK Monkey strain.
Physiology = A plant with enormous fruits with large calyxes (lanceolate) covered in a very strong and very sticky resin. It has compact internodes and its leaves should be picked off regularly. It is easy to grow thanks to its solid structure and exceptional root development with very large leaves. It is extremely resistant to temperature fluctuations and attacks from spiders, aphids, etc.
The plant is renowned for its powerful medical effects, which can be beneficial to people undergoing chemotherapy and can assist with sleep, muscle relaxation, restoring the appetite and relieving acute stress.
A plant suited to all types of cultivation, whether earth or hydroponic cultivation, or organic or mineral. However, as usual, we recommend organic cultivation, especially when used for medical purposes, to obtain the healthiest fruit possible with active ingredients unaltered by chemicals processes.

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Ultimate Circle Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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