Sweet Lemon Juice Strain Info

Sweet Lemon Juice (aka Ohio Lemon G (*)) is a mostly sativa variety from unknown origin and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

What do we know about the unknown/legendary Sweet Lemon Juice?

NG Seeds: The ohio lemon g is g13 skunk x g 13 haze both selected for the lemon terps so its call also "sweet lemon juice". It is coming from a stash of friends of mine near Cleveland. Its seem to be the real ohio lemon g wich then was give in cut.

* Please note There are several "Ohio Lemon G" around now... We have the Clone-Only "Lemon G" from Ohio - probably a columbian Sativa - and there is the "Electric Lemon G" cut from Ohio, used from TH Seeds - which is a G13 Hybrid, probably crossed with the original Lemon G.

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Sweet Lemon Juice Lineage / Genealogy

  • Sweet Lemon Juice »»» G13 Skunk x G13 Haze Probably
  • G13 Skunk F1
    • »»» G13 x Skunk #1 F1
    • G13
      • Indica
    • Skunk #1
      • Skunk #1
        • »»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
        • Afghanistan »»» Indica
        • Mexico »»» Sativa
        • Colombia »»» Sativa
  • G13 Haze
    • »»» G13 x Haze
    • G13 (specified above)
    • Haze
      • O Haze
        • »»» Mexico x Colombia x Thailand x India
        • Mexico »»» Sativa
        • Colombia »»» Sativa
        • Thailand »»» Sativa
        • India »»» Sativa
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