Shamnesia Strain Info

Shamnesia regular from Pure Regular Seeds is an old school cross of two legendary and particularly popular cannabis strains: a Shaman was used as motherplant, which was pollinated with the pollen of an original Amnesia F1 male from the famous breeder Hy-pro Seeds. The result is strong and healthy plants which, depending on the ambient temperature, can turn into the most beautiful purple tones.

This sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid is recommended for outdoor growing in warmer areas as well as in the greenhouse. For indoor cultivation under artificial light, this variety is rather not recommended because of its Shaman origin, as it prefers natural conditions and can best develop its potential in them. Shamnesia delivers a lovely, wonderful and broad terpene profile, from metallic tones to the finest citrus-like fragrances – this is a real MUST HAVE for true fans of old school varieties.

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Shamnesia Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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