Strain Info

Scary Glen

Flower Time: 64 Days
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Scary Glen Strain Info

Scary Glen (Scary Terry x Banana Slamma) is a terpaholics dream creation using only the best phenos I found this 2020 season the mother Scary Terry from TheBakeryGenetics a green phenotype with purple fades at the end of flower smelling and tasting of lime maple syrup or Sprite left in a hot car without a cap. The father was a thick stud Banana Breath dominant pheno of Banana Slamma (Banana Breath x Brain Candy) by Kre8 dense flower formations and pink pollen sacs with Banana nut muffin/ terps. Expect Banana, Mendo Breath funk, Lime Maple Syrup and slight berry terps, many bud sites that will get thick but not too dense with good structure to avoid mold or mildew. Average-High yield loud terps and invigorating slightly sativa dominant effects. Drought, Pest, and mildew resistant.

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Scary Glen Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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