Recovery Dame Blanche Strain Info

Recovery Dame Blanche is a mostly indica variety from unknown origin and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

What do we know about the unknown/legendary Recovery Dame Blanche?

This is the original Dame Blanche.
So not the New Dame Blanche, but the mother of New Dame Blanche!!

This species is an excellent medical marijuana,
good for pain and also tastes good.

Indica dominant, short and quick.

A top disturbs a very compact SOG cultivation.
She then gives a "bud on sticks" field.

Omni: Dame Blanche (now Recovery Dame Blanche) are from the late Dame Blanche (Jan Veen) that I saved from disapearing with the help of BlackBut and Tuinkabouter.

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Recovery Dame Blanche Lineage / Genealogy

  • Recovery Dame Blanche »»» Dame Blanche Probably
  • Dame Blanche Probably
    • »»» White Widow x {Skunk x Northern Light}
    • Skunk x Northern Light
      • Skunk
        • Skunk #1
          • »»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
          • Afghanistan »»» Indica
          • Mexico »»» Sativa
          • Colombia »»» Sativa
      • Northern Light
        • »»» NL #1 x NL #2 x NL #5
        • NL #1 IBL
          • Afghanistan »»» Indica
        • NL #2
          • Northern Lights
            • Afghanistan Indica Probably »»» Indica
        • NL #5
          • USA, Kalifornien »»» Mostly Indica
    • White Widow
      • Mostly Indica
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