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Flower Time: 63 Days
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RazzNana Strain Info

RazzNana is a hybrid cross of Unity (Neytiri "Alien Goddess pheno" x Raspberry Boogie) created by TheBakeryGenetics. The pheno I used was 50/50 green with purple tipped bracts with fragrant red raspberry terps pollinated by a phenohunted stud from Kre8’s Banana Slamma (Banana Breath x Blueberry Cookies x Oogie Boogie)The stud showed THICK flower formations top to bottom without added nutrients once fed he showed beautiful prolific bunches of sacks with pink pinstripes throughout. RAZZNANA is sure to meet your yield, terp, and bag appeal boxes! This line will be take to further generations using the most medicinal and high yielding phenotypes so that medical patients can have great medicine that is a potent mix of thc and cbd without sacrificing quantity as I see this plant being very useful for healing with RSO. Terps will range from Banana with slight blueberry and classic Breath type dankness, to a very feminine fragrant sweet raspberry.

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RazzNana Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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