OG Kush Breath Strain Info

OG Kush Breath (aka OGKB) is a mostly sativa variety from unknown origin and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse.

What do we know about the unknown/legendary OG Kush Breath?

Unknown Hybrid, probably with Girl Scout Cookies. Different stories floating around...

Description from the Kaya Collective:

OG Kush Breath is a heavily sativa dominant cannabis flower. It hails from a lineage of mighty flowers by combining OG Kush, Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies. Its aroma is light and floral with an earthy taste and slight hints of chocolate in its undertones. Its sativa dominance shines through with powerful head highs and tingly body effects. A little goes a long way with OG Kush Breath especially if you find your tolerance to be on the lighter side or are new to medicating with cannabis. When the high hits you the effects will melt and ease away pain from arthritis, mitigate the effects of cancer and nausea, and will help with muscle spasms.

In addition to being a heavy hitting sativa flower, OG Kush Breath will stimulate your appetite - smoking before a meal or having snacks readily available are recommended!

Other Story about OG Kush Breath:
OG Kush Breath is a pheno-type of OG-39, a cross of (OG Kush #7, 96" cut x SSSC, M-39, Canadian Cut)
OG-39 was released in 2014 in feminized seed to the public. Most of the seed vials were labeled OG-39 or OG Kush-39 and handed down to various other breeders through-out the community. OG-39 was a attempt at turning Canadian M-39 beasters cultivated by Chinese immigrants into a worth-wide production strain. OG-39 is flavorful with candy / berry aromas but lacks real potency, like its OG Kush parent. The original OG-39 S1 are NL#5 dominant and confirmed still floating around from the original breeder who first released them to the public as OG-39.

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OG Kush Breath Lineage / Genealogy

  • OG Kush Breath »»» Girl Scout Cookies selected pheno Probably
  • Girl Scout Cookies selected pheno
    • »»» F1 Durban x OG Kush South Florida
    • F1 Durban S1
      • Cherry Pie Kush
        • »»» Durban Poison x Chemdawg Mendocino
        • Durban Poison IBL
          • Durban Poison Durban
            • South African Sativa KwaZulu-Natal »»» Sativa
        • Chemdawg Mendocino (specified above)
    • OG Kush South Florida Probably
      • »»» Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan} Probably
      • Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan
        • Lemon Thai »»» Sativa
        • Hindu Kush, Pakistan »»» Indica
      • Chemdawg
        • Unknown Indica »»» Indica
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