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Northern City Haze

Northern City Haze Strain Info

Northern City Haze (NCH) is a spectacular cross between three of the best varieties of the world: Northern Lights, New York City Diesel and Haze. An explosive cocktail of exclusive and limited production. A strains sativa practically in all its nuances, but relatively short flowering driven by the Northern Lights. Northern City Haze is a strain of rapid growth, plant size, ideal for growing SCROG.

Outdoors, this strains becomes a huge encampment, even if it fosters enormous optimal conditions. It is a major producer of buds, indoor productions are estimated at 0.9 to 1 g / W per square meter with Green Power 600W HPS Philips. The Northern City Haze is a feminised strain that bloom along its long lines form tight buds and covered with trichomes. In a very fragrant strains, which releases aromas with nuances ranging from sweetness of almond blossoms, the citric impregnation through the background of the Diesel. Northern City Haze is soft and sweet on the palate with citrus and floral notes. As an effect, the Northern City Haze provides the perfect blend of euphoria, relaxation and travel stroke. The Northern City Haze is a delight for lovers guormets sativas.

Genotype: Northern Lights x NYCD x Haze
Flowering: 60-70 days
Indoor growth: 12-14 days
Production: 400-500 grs / m2
THC: 20%

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Northern City Haze Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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