Highland Thai Strain Info

Region: Southeast Asia

Genetics: Pure Thai/Burmese Highland Ganja Cultivar
Latitude: 19°N
Harvest: late December to early February
Height: up to 3m
Yield: 1 - 2kg of dried flowers in natural outdoor environment
Characteristics: musky citrus flavour and trippy, heart-racing high; some purple phenotypes
Grow Type: Greenhouse or Outdoors

This is a rare Highland Thai ganja line from the highlands of Northern Thailand, nearby Burma, and an ancient cannabis genepool in serious need of preservation. Plants are medium-tall, with asymmetric branching and quite dense buds for a Southeast Asian ganja line. Aromas are a distinctively musky lemon citrus, and colours range from light green to more purple-blue colourations. Around 50% of plants will turn purple with cold temperatures. The high is very trippy and heart-racing, and can be too much for inexperienced smokers. Plants with carrot-mango aromas and a more mellow thought-provoking effect can be found. Highly recommended for breeders and collectors. Owning this line entails a serious responsibilty, where possible, to reproduce seeds and maintain clones.

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Highland Thai Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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