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Flower Time: 72 Days
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Gunsmoke Strain Info

Gunsmoke is a Haze cross that we wanted to incorporate our Haze with our AK47. Our female Original Haze took 14-15 weeks from clone, and harvested over 14 ounces from a single plant, starting from a 9" at the start of flower. After 5 weeks it filled up 3/4 of a 16 sq’ area. So we wanted to make it more compact, and keep a high THC profile. We choose our AK47 male, and it left us with a jaw dropper Haze cross. This is more "Hazy" vs most of our Haze crosses due to we used our female Haze vs our male Haze. So if your looking for a more Haze dominate plant this is your seed set.

This will take a bit longer then most of our crosses. This F1 will be a very good representation of a Haze plant that is actually manageable. We had to tame the Haze to not grow out of control, with still keeping the vigor of the "untamable" haze grow profile. The THC profile was a huge concern as well, we knew everyone would expect that out of a Haze/AK cross.

Be ready to have to employ some training, or topping, due to the Dominate Haze female that will show you a glimpse why Haze is not a common crop to grow, indoors and out. The AK47 will shine through with make a more structured plant, and consolidate the cola to make a better product then just the haze, which tended to have a perceptual harvest. You will have a plant that can be harvested at one point in time vs having a 3 week window.
So we named this after a program we used to watched set in the wild west, and enjoyed. After this Haze powerhouse hits you, you will be struck back, and the last thing you will remember seeing is the... Gunsmoke, enjoy!

68-76 Days from flower
36"-48" With TIGHT internodes
350 GmSqM Avg. / 430+ Peak
Spacing suggested is 10-12 in 16 Sq'

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Gunsmoke Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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