Strain Info

Eden Kush

Flower Time: 63 Days
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Eden Kush Strain Info

Very special aromas is what characterizes this strain. The Sapphire OG mom is a fast growing plant with classic OG structure and pretty good yielder when supported by tomato cages, for example. She has a very distinct smell that i call the "pharmacy cherry". It reminds me of the perfume section in a pharmacy, like a cherry-ish flower and complex undertones. The dad was a Girl Scout Cookie BX2 with indica traits. The secondary stems stay close to the main stem (very unusual trait) which provide better support. Thick main stem with heavy menthol fragrance.
The resulting strain has lots of variations but all pheno relatively stays in the OG world.
Aroma : the 4 main variations are:
1- the classic OG funk pheno which is relatively rare.
2- the second pheno is the winner, in my opinion, with an unbelievable cherry muffin/cake smell with the chocolate at the end.
3- there is the minty chocolate pheno which doesn't reek as much as the others and are super frosty. The mint side is really noticeable.
4- the last pheno is special yes, but not very pleasant to the nose. It would be fun to see a terpene analyses of that. Its like an industrial kind of sour grease/detergent that flirts with the bitter side of cherries.
The structure can be super solid or thin like a classic OG or a little bit bigger. The harvest time turns around 9 weeks. Even lowers offer good density and lots of frost, some pheno look like ice cream.

Indoor flowering 9 weeks

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Eden Kush Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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