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Flower Time: 62 Days
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Dabarella Strain Info

Classic meets classic. This is a project that was hashed back in 2000. We received Sensi Seed packs from '98 and knew we would find some gems. We did. What we searched out was a plant that would be compact, high THC, snap to grow, and a ton ton of flavor. It all came together decades ago, then fast forward 10 years later we were able to crack the seed and test the project. Frankly this ones a slapper. So strong it makes our breeder sweat. The flavor is a complex skunk sweet lavender hash flower. It so hard to pin down that it transforms your notion of a "classic" cultivar. This could win over the newest canna connoisseur.
The skunk used was from the 98 era of Sensi, debatably the last of the best from them. Our skunk is very chunky and isn't a roadkill but a sweet pungent bree cheese smell. The flavor translates to a sweet and sour cheese, that fills you palette and lingers for what seems minutes. Snap to grow and is a 54 day so nice and compact and quick.
Our Afghani #1 is one of our prized finds. Also out of the '98 Sensi Seed era we feel some of their best work. The afghani grow a single 3' cola. Compact but does not knot up but forms a very dense cola of around 3" diameter. The flavor matches its durability and resin production. A lavender flower hash. If mead was cannabis it would be Afghani #1. Absolutely one of the only base element parents that could still be front row in the dispensary case today.
Outdoor this will harvest late September to mid October with a indoor harvest time of 56-63 days. The only concern with growth is bud rot due to huge colas that get dense, although for size the problems are incredibly minor. The ultra high resin and THC content matched with the diverse flavor makes for a showstopper and something that will pull apart from most flavors out today. Bag appel is through the roof and you'll smell the sack way before you can pull it out. We are ultra glad to have rested the seed from deep freeze.
We named it Dabarella because our breeder said it was the first flower it looked like he could put in his dab rig. Then he joked "...with these old genetics...thats a cinderella story..." So the two comments merged to Dabarella.

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Dabarella Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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