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Flower Time: 68 Days
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Craze Strain Info

We started growing a clone from Dark Heart Nursery, called Green Crack, also called Dream Queen in 2011. We are not a big fan of keeping clones, but after tasting the intoxicating pineapple liquor schnapps, we just could not kill it. After lingering around the mother room for over a year, we sat down and discussed where this keeper should go.

The consciences was Haze. The compact nature of the Green Crack would just work well, this was proven with the Princes Haze. The flavor of the spicy Haze, and the over the top pineapple of the Green Crack was the goal. Along with the usual needs of a easy grow result, and the quality that we expect out of our Haze. The time line goal was a 8-10 week. Needless to say we were glad to flush the checklist.

We wanted to proper smash the two strains names together. So we took the first part of CR from the female, and the "aze" from our male Original Haze. Our Breeder being a DJ himself, knew what he needed to do. He reached out to DJ Craze to get his approval first, he got the 2 thumbs up.

This is a perfect strain if you want a flavorful plant with a fast harvest time, and having structure enough not needing to be topped or trained. The root structure being vertical and lateral gives way for a massive plant and drought champion.

So be prepared for the strength, and flavor to put you in that, Craze for Dayz.

60-77 Days from flower
36"-54" With Med internodes
420 GmSqM Avg. / 500+ Peak
Spacing suggested is 5-9 in 16 Sq'

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Craze Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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