Strain Info

Cheese Plate

Flower Time: 55 Days
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Cheese Plate Strain Info

Sensi Seed - Skunk #1 "Cheese" Pheno x Serious Seed - Ak47 "Cherry" Pheno

When we found a "Cheese" pheno in a population of Sensi Seed Skunk #1, we were more than happy. The flavor brought us right to the door, with the over the top cheese flavor. The kind of flavor that is as intense, down to the last of the white ash. This was a huge find for TTS, as well as a goal we wanted to get out of the Skunk #1. Home Run!

When it came time to crossing, our first thought was to match it with our AK-47. The Cherry in our AK mixed with the Cheese flavor of the Skunk, could only make a killer combo. We crossed our fingers, and it worked!

What we are left with is a strong combo, of vigor and resistance to mites,mold, and just about everything else. Nothing effects this monster much. A high amount of trichomes fill up the plant early in flower, and build up more as harvest nears. No bud rot of any kind, and we had very little PM that, could be a slight issue on some phenos.

Most phenos will have a deep cheese flavor, this being 60%+. The rest display a mix between a Sour Cheese and a berry flavor, that has strong hints after exhale. A flavor that will last, and can still be tasted, several minutes after smoked! This we keep InHouse for 2012, but we might release this, in the future.

Truly a masterpiece, and the way to finish any connoisseur world class meal, with some Cheese Plate.

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Cheese Plate Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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