Strain Info

Brain Off

Flower Time: 56 Days
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Brain Off Strain Info

Flowering time = 8 weeks (12h/12h)
THC = 20%
Yield = Heavy 15.5­–19.5 oz. m²
Ratio = 50% Indica – 50% Sativa
Terpenes = Fruity Diesel
Stretch = Multiplies by 2.5 in 3 weeks

Physiology = A plant with rather dense, large buds with a very sticky, lovely resin. It has a good leaf to fruit ratio of 35/65; it is thus an easy plant to take care of. Ideal genetics if you use the following types of devices: Trimpro, Master Trimmers or Twister T2.

It is characterised by fast growth and dynamic root development, making it very easy to propagate from cuttings.

The effect of this strain is very evident without creating too much physical impact. Its effect is more cerebral, which makes it a nice strain for sharing and having a laugh among friends. It has a perceptible and unique aroma and taste in the mouth, which leaves no one indifferent. One of our genetics that is most valued by the growers we collaborate with.

An easy plant to cultivate for first-time growers. Except in cases where lamps are too close – which would burn any plant – or when temperatures reach almost 30°C, you will have beautiful, fragrant fruits.
During the flowering period we recommend the use of a good extraction fan with a good carbon filter, as the strain has a strong odour and can easily fill an apartment or house with its scent.
As it is a robust plant it can be grown in any type of substrate: hydroponic, aeroponic (Aeroflo), earth, coconut or Rockwool, although we recommend organic cultivation (indoor/outdoor). The plant is really hardy with a good yield, so all you have to do is cultivate it well to bring out all the aromas and colours of this extraordinary strain. At the end of the flowering period, providing it has good temperatures, the buds change colour with magnificent colour gradients.

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Brain Off Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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