Strain Info

Blue Magnum

Flower Time: 63 Days
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Blue Magnum Strain Info

Blue Magnum originates from California and is mainly grown indoors, however it is also possible to grow them outdoors where there is enough sunlight. This type is mainly Indica and she produces heavy buds. Blue Magnum is especially known for it’s blue shine over the buds, which will be seen half way through the flowering process.

Blue Magnum grows and flowers the same way as the well known "Northern Light". A huge difference between these two is the blue shine, and the light blueberry taste Blue Magnum has.

THC: Extremely High
Genetics: Mainly Indica
Yield: 35-45 grams per plant
Height: 110-150 cm
Effect: Stoned
CBD: Extrem hoch
Flowering time: 9 weeks

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Blue Magnum Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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