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Banana Hammer Auto

Banana Hammer Auto Strain Info

Banana Hammer is a hybrid AutoFlower Regular made from a selection of 20 seeds (2) packs of Ethos Auto Banana Daddy R BX2 auto x Thor’s Hammer Select Male Auto . The female used in the breed was a Big Long Thick Kola Maker that had a Banana Peel scent more then Banana Raw but was absolutely coated in trichomes . It was really heavy layered in the frost and the tops of the buds turn color as it fades down the kolas consuming the top half In color on all the heads pretty much the lowers too but the entire flowers wasn't colored out . The thick buds made for good bag appeal and they are bigger flowers not popcorn style . The branching was nicely spaced and most of them were short and stout but I found a female that had good height and was the tallest of the bunch with traits that were worthy of exotic appeal . This auto is something worthy of breeding with banana flavors more and more cause the banana peel was spot on with a lot of smooth creamy gasoline funk , the Thor’s hammer is going to add some jet fuel to the profile . This one is truly a fun one to grow as they tend to not need training and they only need defoliation and LST . Topping is up to the grower and this one really enjoys the DWC . She can eat up PPMs , so when yellow , just add a bit more . Banana Peel with Creamy Smooth Gassy Funk in this AutoFlower . Very easily Prone to Humidity issues if not controlled under 44% , Banana Hammer can get Power Mildew easygoing then the typical and that is only one trait I did not like in this genetic , it easily was able to get the PM . I did plan to take a MI5 or MI6 genetic from stitch XXL auto breeder and try to get the PM management under control with Banana Hammer but geese she wants a dry environment for sure . That is something I will try to breed out or breed in something to help that trait to disappear . That is always noted.

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Banana Hammer Auto Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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