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Amethyst Hammer Auto

Amethyst Hammer Auto Strain Info

Amethyst Hammer Auto Regular was made at VikingGardens by @realthor89 . The Female used in this breeding was a selected female from Roc Bud Inc’s Version 2 of Purple Roc Berry from 12 total females (2) packs and the Male used was the notorious Thor’s Hammer F3 . The female used in the breed was spectacular. This was one of the most epic breeds of autos due to the levels of frost and yield on the female . The structure is completely what you want for an AutoFlower if your the type to naturally grow your cultivar with no training needed . It’s by far the easiest genetic to grow from the Hammer Line 1.0 (xThF3) because you don’t need to defoliate , at the most the bottoms you clean it up naturally anyways it’s going to yield massive flowers so you have to stake it up or tie it up because the buds will keep coming and the frost is always there . The testers all showed major potential for some of the best lookin platinum purple frost monsters AutoFlowers have to offer on the market today . It doesn’t have solid purple in its buds , it’s more of a mixed blend of purples and the tops color off first as the colors start to work the way into the buds . It smells like Sharp Loud Acetone , isopropyl , paint thinner with a back end that changes to dark berry's that’s almost like fantasy feminine perfume notes . It’s a major frosty maker and yields well if tied up or stacked properly cause the weight makes the branches bend . This genetic is a 70/30 indica -sativa and the direction of this breed and the testers giving me the data , all show major dominance of the Purple Roc Berry Version 2 on most of the tested Phenos . The germ test was 94% from 100 beans . It has everything indica about it besides the growth structure and the potency of the sativa from Thor’s Hammer linage . This one has the possibly chance to show a deeper purple phenos due to the THF3 direction of color .

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Amethyst Hammer Auto Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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