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LED Grow Lights – Overview

By grower •  Updated: 10/10/21 •  31 min read
LED Grow Lights – Overview

This is a serious overview of LED grow lights and how to choose the right LED grow light for growing marijuana crop. Marijuana use and growing marijuana are becoming more acceptable every day in the US with 33 states and the District of Columbia having some form of legalized marijuana. Just like the laws, marijuana grow lights are becoming more efficient, more powerful, and more affordable.

When it comes to grow lights, LED grow lights are becoming more and more common replacing their more power-hungry predecessors, HID grow lights. If you are growing indoors or are looking to start growing marijuana indoors, then this LED grow light buyer’s guide is for you.

Why LED Grow Lights?

  1. LEDs create more usuable light per watt than t5s or HIDs
  2. They run cooler, which requires less cooling equipment
  3. LED grow lights draw less power, which is better for the environment and your power bill
  4. LED grow lights don’t need to be replaced for years compared to every 8-10 months with HID or t5 bulbs
  5. UL Listed LED grow lights greatly reduce the chance of fire compared to t5s and HID grow lights

Best LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

LEDs are usually listed, for example as ‘600W’, which simply means that it is roughly the equivalent of said wattage in HID or HPS. Despite the fact that a LED might be listed as ‘600W’, it probably only draws 240-260 watts of electricity to achieve the same effectiveness as a 600 watt HID or HPS grow light.

Since LEDs run cooler, you will save on electricity costs of any added infrastructure once used for cooling your grow room.

To determine the correct amount of wattage for your grow room, you need to look at the LED equivalent wattage.

The general rule of thumb is that you have roughly 50 watts per square foot. Some growers go as low as 30 watts and as high as 80 watts.

We recommend 50 watts/ft2 because it will usually give you full coverage of your plant canopy and produce high-quality dense buds.

Example: you have a 4′ x 4′ grow tent should have 800 watts of HID equivalent LED lighting. You can purchase a single LED grow light to provide enough light for ample canopy converage.

This buyer’s guide focuses solely on the effectiveness of LED grow lights when growing marijuana indoors. So rest assured that Paramount Seed Farms has not substituted weed plants with a similar plant, everything is based on growing weed indoors with LED grow lights.

Why Do You Need A LED Grow Light?

Having a LED grow light set up is essential for various reasons. There are a lot of approaches to get light to your plants, yet how would you realize that it is the most proficient way? How might you realize that you aren’t really overheating your plants trying to direct more light into them and increment your yield?

The reality remains that LED lights are the most productive grow lights that are accessible. To start, LED grow lights moderate 75% more power than customary grow lights.

By utilizing less power, you will spend less cash on power bills and hence have significantly more cash remaining for getting a charge out of your rewards for all the hard work, as opposed to spending its dominant part running the grow task itself.

Vital too is that the best LED grow lights utilize particular wavelengths of light that are required the most by your plants. Conventional grow lights shoot your plants with light and subsequently a significant part of the light is squandered.

LED lights, then again, utilize just blue and red wavelengths to give your plants everything that they require without wasting power and light on things that aren’t successful. There are LEDs that component either both or special case, which makes it conceivable to practice and tailor your lighting to your plant’s needs.

LED grow lights are likewise considerably cooler to some extent because of the diminishment of power utilization. The issue with numerous grow lights is the warmth that they deliver, which makes you burn through cash on different parts of your grow task too.

The hotter your grow room stays, the more air you should move through the room, and the more consideration you should pay to the temperature constantly.

That likewise implies that LED grow lights are substantially easier on the environment. With the consideration being brought to ecological concerns, a worldwide temperature alteration, and the eventual fate of the world, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why individuals would probably incline toward an all the more environment-friendly alternative.

That is the place LED grow lights succeed. The gigantic lessening in CO2 emanations, notwithstanding power utilization, implies that the earth will be appreciative. LED grow lights additionally don’t need to be discarded in a specific way like HPS lighting frameworks do.

Grow lights containing mercury should be professionally discarded in a way that requires extraordinary consideration following a few years because of the shorter time span of usability. LED grow lights can keep going quite a while and after that be discarded after very nearly ten years of utilization without worrying about hurting the earth simultaneously.

The last thing that emerges about LED grow lights is the way that they don’t need to be supplanted all the time. Numerous grow lights that individuals utilize are supplanted inside a short measure of time since they destroy decently fast.

In correlation, the majority of the best LED grow lights can keep going for more than 50,000 hours, which means they should be supplanted following 7-8 years at the most punctual.

The cost can dismiss a few people from utilizing them, yet once the length of their life is considered it is anything but difficult to perceive how much cash can really be spared after some time.

Understanding Light Spectrum

Light Spectrum refers to the scope of hues in the light being produced. Most LED grow lights are contained a few diverse shaded LED diodes giving a wide range of hues. As you may have speculated, some have more extensive ranges than others. So the inquiry is what range is ideal?

Science has demonstrated that plants, all in all, require more blue light amid the vegetative stage and more red light amid the blooming stage. That is the reason you see numerous LEDs available radiating a purplish light, consolidating red and blue LEDs.

Grow Light Spectrum

Notwithstanding, it’s trusted that a more extensive scope of hues, including, the imperceptible to the bare eye, UV light (in little amounts) beneficially affect plant growth, albeit most LED lights don’t offer UV light, fundamentally on the grounds that UV radiating LEDs are costly relative to different hues.

Best Led Grow Lights

LED grow lights are growing lights that are made out of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) with varying wavelengths (colors). It has been scientifically proven that LED’s different colors help the plant cultivation in its various stages: from growing to fruition. We are here to see which LED grow lights are the best for growing cannabis.

Things to consider before buying a LED grow light

Whatever your intentions are for buying a LED grow light, you must be aware of a fact that not all LED grow lights are the same and that you must choose a grow light that would satisfy your needs as a grower. Pick a good one and you will have a high time of your life. We have assembled a small list of things to consider before buying the best LED grow light for the money.

Overview of Top LED Grow Lights

Roleadro Galaxyhydro 600W LED Grow Light Best Value

Roleadro Galaxyhydro 600W LED Grow LightRoleadro Galaxyhydro 600W LED Grow Light

The Galaxyhydro is a full range LED grow light which implies that it incorporates light wavelengths that cover the photosynthetic dynamic radiation zone or PAR. This is vital on the grounds that not all grow lights give light that backs satisfactory PAR esteems in such a far reaching way.

The Galaxyhydro incorporates 9 groups of spectra that will improve growth amid all plant growth stages. The light produced by the Galaxyhydro is intended to line up with light radiated by the sun.

The Full Spectrum 9 band wavelengths incorporate blue light spectra, red light spectra, and UV and IR and white light. The light range ranges from 430nm to 730nm.

The Galaxyhydro has a dimmable component that gives the grower ability to control the light force. This is a major in addition to for growers that jump at the chance to adjust parts of the growing procedure with a specific end goal of best possible crops.

The intensity of the light can be tuned from a dial that is situated on the back of the unit alongside the power switch. Options are always a plus and this option enables you to fine-tune your light instead of changing the height.


Full Spectrum for optimal PAR

Energy efficient

Maximized red and blue light for the best outcomes




Lower wattage

Roleadro Galaxyhydro 600W LED Grow Light Overview:

Galaxyhydro is an established grow lumination manufacturer greatly committed to working with leading edge technology to create outstanding grow lamps. Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light is perfect for Indoor Plant Grow and it is Full of Spectrum with UV & IR for Vegetables and Flowers. If it works for your budget and room size, why not purchase it today?

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W LED Grow LightVIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W LED Grow Light

This led grow light rates exceptionally in its steady PAR output, when growing in a small area like a 2ft x 2ft, or at least covering each 2×2 are with a single light. This is the best led grow light for a closet grow. Genuine PAR esteems, from corner to corner at this stature run from 275-302.

At the point when broadened to a 3×3 square, PAR esteems are decreased, extending somewhere in the range of 110-165. This implies in the event that you need to utilize this grow light to flower, utilize the 2×2 square zone.

This light is extremely blue substantial, which means it is ideal for vegetative growth. Red light is unquestionably present also, which is the reason this light emits a pink shade when turned on.

It additionally makes it an extremely adaptable light, as long as you have an appropriate proportion of blue to red light.

With a specific end goal to get around this and lift the measure of red light, you could daisy chain more than one grow light together by connecting to one hood straightforwardly into the outlet of another, increasing the wattage, PAR, and growing region.


Full spectrum

Daisy chain option

5 watt diodes

Great warranty


Spectrum is not adjustable

Not optimal for blooming phase

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 450W LED Grow Light

This specific light has every one of the highlights that LED grow lights ought to have from full range LED’s, lighting for each period of plant growth to running at cool temperatures with self-cooling fans, and conventional warmth sinks for disseminating warmth quickly.

This will definitely bring down expenses of an indoor grow by not adding extra cooling techniques that can get expensive.

The Vipar 450w spreads a region about 30 inches by 30 inches relying upon your separation from the plant itself.

Your real wattage will be at 200 watts because of the fluid diodes that need significantly less power to run. The yield is likewise steadier with hearty light wattage by and large. Plants love a steady range and react accordingly.


Full spectrum





Occasional flickering issues.

King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Professional Choice

King Plus 1200W LED Grow LightKing Plus 1200W LED Grow Light

In the event that there is one thing that is fantastic about this 1200W grow light from King Plus, it is the cost. This excellent grow light is a small amount of the cost of most different lights of this size, with no forfeit in quality or solidness.

This light comprises of 10W LEDs, a portion of the best and brightest accessible today. The light is full range, including red, blue, yellow, white, IR and UV diodes. It is perfect for all phases of plant growth.

It additionally has a proficient cooling framework with gaps on the extra thick LED board and fans for productive warmth dispersal.

This light is accessible at such a low cost since it is sold straightforwardly from the industrial facility, with no mediator. This grow light additionally accompanies a three-year guarantee and 24-hour client benefit accessibility.


Very cheap

3-year warranty

10W LED chips

Full spectrum


Made in China

VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR450 LED Grow Light Highly Customizable – For Expert Growers

VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR450 LED Grow LightVIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR450 LED Grow Light

Dimmable LED grow lights are one of my undisputed top choices to have in my grow room. On the off chance that you need a higher state of customization, customary vegetative and blossom switches don’t cut it.

Dimmable grow lights enable you to tweak precisely the amount of every growth phase lighting range you need your plants presented to. This implies you can have an alternate setting for early veg versus late veg, early sprout versus late blossom, and a booster setting for the finish of blossom.

You can go in consistently on the off chance that you need and change the levels in view of your perceptions of your plants.

This is the sort of tweaking and testing that separates proficient level growers from specialists and enables you to create the most astounding quality buds from your plants.

This grow light additionally accompanies a 3-year guarantee in addition to 30 days fulfillment or return guarantee.


Fully customizable


Very powerful

3-year warranty.


A bit heavier than most other LED lights.

MaxBloom COB LED Grow Light Dimmable 12-band Compact But Effective

MaxBloom COB LED Grow Light DimmableMaxBloom COB LED Grow Light Dimmable

MaxBloom practically exhibits their mastery with this COB LED light implying that you won’t turn out badly by picking them.

Despite the fact that this light may appear to be really minimal, it is 12-band with IR and UV. This is imperative for any plant you are growing inside.

With regards to the installation, anybody can do it as it doesn’t have various parts to manage. It is ideal for restorative plants and others, for example, lettuce, basil, and cannabis.

The cob drove light has a warmth sink configuration fusing aluminum to guarantee the wellbeing of your plants – they won’t burn.

When it comes to price, this light is a bit expensive but it is most definitely worth the money.



Very easy to install

Uniform light intensity

Heat sink

Easy to use.


A bit expensive.

Advanced Platinum Series P450 450W LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum Series P450Advanced Platinum Series P450

On the off chance that you need to supply your plants with 100% usable light, you should look at the P450! It utilizes just 250 watts of real power and productively replaces a conventional 600w HPS grow light.

It’s optimal for little and medium tents, storage room grows, and hydroponic plate. The P450 is even custom-made to create the ideal photosynthetic reaction. This grow light is cherished by numerous on the grounds that the growers can get the advantages they paid for.

The Advanced Platinum Series P450 likewise accompanies a complete 12-band range of light, ideal for all plant stages. It’s powerful, reasonable, and energy-efficient!

It costs more, that is true, however, in return, you get a greater scope and more power.

Much the same as the P300, it additionally accompanies 90-degree auxiliary centering focal points. This alongside the powerful 3W LEDs are the ideal mix to bring your plants mind-blowing and fiery growth!



As a huge brand, Advanced Platinum’s products are always the best quality, reliable and powerful lights. That is why this particular grow light is one of the best LED grow lights.

California Light Works Solar Storm LED Grow Light 440 Most Efficient

California Light Works Solar Storm LED Grow Light 440California Light Works Solar Storm LED Grow Light 440

The SolarStorm 440w has a considerable measure of good things in store for growers. It gives a wide light range. Besides lighting the plants utilizing LED, Light Works additionally included two fluorescent T8 tubes to give the plants everything that they need and create extensive harvests.

The SolarStorm 440w can likewise spare you half in power utilization contrasted with other grow lights. This implies you can profit over the long haul.

It’s encased in amazing materials. Light Works ensured that by utilizing high-quality substrates, a fixed hardware area, jewel quality glass optics, and durable aluminum and sheet metal construction.

You won’t trust if you’re told that this LED grow light works at 90% productivity. No light and cash is wasted.

Since this light just measures 15″ x 18″ x 5″, it can fit inside little bureau grows or your standard grow tent.


High efficiency

Long life

5-band spectrum plus UV-B

3-year warranty.



G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light

G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Grow LightG8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light

The G8LED 900 watt MEGA LED Grow Light accompanies Optimal 8-band, Infrared, and Ultraviolet highlights. Its light range for both Flower and Veg is sufficient to work like a 1400 watt HPS or MH framework.

This model is a flagship grow light from G8LED. It was made in the wake of making and testing distinctive color proportions to concoct an exceedingly effective grow light. It has the most noteworthy quality diodes, power supplies, circuit sheets, housings, and fans.

This grow light is expected to have a life expectancy of 15 years or 50,000 hours. This implies it will be quite a while before you’ll need to look for another grow light.

The G8LED 900 watt MEGA LED Grow Light is an extraordinary decision for proficient growers who need an incentive for their cash, regardless of whether it costs somewhat over $1,000.

Its advantages at the plants legitimize its cost. On the off chance that you need green, sound, tasty plants, this is certainly one light that ought to be considered.


Exquisite value for the money

Ideal for professional growers

Very well made





The G8LED 900 W MEGA LED Grow Light is a great choice for professional growers who want to spend their money in the right place, even if it costs approximately $1,000. Its benefits are worth the price. If you want to plant green, sweet, healthy, this is definitely one of the products should be considered.

LED Grow Lights Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the information written in the article in mind, you can easily go out to market and buy a LED Grow Lights, right? Hell No!.

For those who don’t know, Led Grow Lights come with several things you need to consider before you actually spend the hard earned money. They have different other type light as MH (metal halide) light and HPS (high-pressure sodium) light.

History of LEDs

The primary principle that LEDs operate on is electroluminescence. Discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century, this phenomenon has spanned many inventions but it wasn’t produced commercially before the seventies. Hewlett-Packard was the first company that started producing them in large scale and one of their biggest support lay in the researchers from Monsanto.

The color of the lights that LEDs emit is pretty much dependent on the type of material that was used for building a LED: ones with sapphire component would produce blue light, others that had a phosphorus component would shine white light etc. Initially, they were very expensive to produce, but following the Moore’s Law, the cost of producing LEDs was plummeting paired with their increased efficiency.

How do LEDs work?

LEDs are essentially semiconductors meaning that they can selectively conduct electricity through a circuit. They consist of a power source and a P-N junction. The P-N junction is essentially a small piece of silicone that has a positive(P) and negative(N) side. When electrons flow through a circuit they jump from the negative to the positive side and produce light in that process.

how do led work

How are different colors made?

This is where high school physics comes in handy. We know that the average human being has mostly slept through physics classes so we are going to give you a crash course. Essentially, light color depends on the wavelength.

The longer the wavelength, the light will be dimmer. Now, white light pretty much consists of all the natural colors, but if you shoot that same white light through a prism, you will notice that natural colors from the light will divide itself. Red light is the light with the longest wavelength: between 620 and 645 nanometers.

The next one is a bright red or dark orange color (depends on how you look at it) that has a range from 610 to 620 nanometers. After orange comes green that has a wavelength somewhere around 540 nanometers. Shortest wavelength is reserved for bright and dark blue at 500 and 480 nanometers respectively.

led grow lights spectrum

Why is spectrum important?

First and foremost, we have to talk about brightness. There is a reason why apples from the side of a tree that had longer and better exposure to light taste sweeter. Light intensity helps with creating sugars in the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the main reason we call plants “plants”. That is the most important process in converting the energy of the sunlight to organic matter. It is very important to understand that plants experience light in a radically different way. While we see a regular old-fashioned white light, plants can distinguish between subtle nuances. It is pretty much like the word for snow in different cultures: while some cultures that have thrived in warmer habitats have one word for snow, others that are surrounded by it on a daily basis (such as Eskimos) can have many many words for many apparently same shades of white.

led grow lights photosynthesis

Why are LED Grow Lights perfect for growing marijuana?

Why should you choose LED grow lights?

First and most important, growing marijuana indoors may require a lot of energy and power consumption. There is a reason plants are called that way: they absorb the energy of the sun and convert it into organic matter. Having a good and strong light source is crucial for proper and healthy plant development. Just like humans need a certain amount of food to stay healthy and functional, plants need quality and a consistent light source that would feed them. You would never survive on 5 grams of food per day, so why should a plant survive on dimmed and inadequate lighting.

  1. Low Power Consumption – Save up to 80% compared to HID or Fluorescent Lighting
  2. Light Life – LEDs have a life expectancy of 35,000 hours. That’s over 5 years running the lights 18 hours per day, every day
  3. Instant Light – No warmup, full brightness when turned on
  4. Durable – Sensors provide smoother switching of on/off cycles
  5. No UV or Infrared – A majority of insects aren’t attracted to LEDs, won’t ‘miss spectrum’ and radiate UV that could damage your plants
  6. Environmentally Friendly – On top of energy savings, materials that may be harmful to the environment are not commonly used in LEDs like mercury

LEDs have the advantage over HID or fluorescent lighting as they are far brighter and more efficient. They are pretty much best used as grow lights. Now, if a light source has to be strong in order for plants to grow, wouldn’t that mean that in order to have healthy plants, you lamps should consume more energy. Not necessarily: LEDs are known as champions of efficiency. For example, one LED light consumes less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent lights. They are up to 80 percent more efficient. Of all the energy a LED light uses, 95 percent goes on the light while only 5 percent goes on heat emissions. That means that your plants are safer, as it is harder for LEDs to burn or dry out your plants compared to incandescent lights. This makes them more environmentally friendly as less electricity is used for the brightness of a lamp. It also makes them the best value deal for the money invested. Being a plant grower and cultivator, you must love nature by default, so you should show it by switching from traditional light sources to LEDs.

Disposing and Recycling LED Grow Lights

Fluorescent lights are built with mercury as one of its main components. When it reaches its lifespan, you are left with a chunk of bonafide poison in your hands that can’t be recycled or reused. Mercury is very dangerous to the environment and it is estimated that one gram of this dangerous substance can pollute up to 20 acres of water surface. It is still one of the main contributors to fish poisoning. Remember those horrifying images of piles and piles of dead fish that you have probably seen in a nature TV program? That happens when mercury enters the water.

Incandescent lights, on the other hand, are built with heavy metal parts. The most important piece of an incandescent light bulb is its shining filament. In layman’s terms, it is that piece of wire inside the bulb that emits light and it can be made out of chromium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, molybdenum, and tungsten. Once they start breaking, you are essentially throwing away dangerous and poisonous metals plus these metals are very hard to find in nature, and if the trend of harvesting these materials continues, we will be left with a shortage.

LEDs are made out of pieces of plastic which make them easier to recycle. They have no dangerous chemicals (well, apart from plastic) or rare materials that can be used for a better purpose.

Direction of light

LEDs are so small that they can be conveniently placed on a flat surface. This means that it is easy to manipulate LED grow lights and make them shine in any direction you want. Other light bulbs send light all around. Since LEDs are small, they emit a direct light beam in a specified direction. Your light will no longer be bouncing off the walls and ceiling but directed to where it can do the best.

Light Life

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but there is nothing more irritating for me than entering a room, flicking a switch and finding out that the light bulb has burnt out. Since we use lights only in the dark, that means that this annoying phenomenon keeps occurring in the worst part of the day i.e. in the night when all the hardware stores are inconveniently closed. I can’t even start to recall how many times my foot has found its demise stepping on a sharp and pointy object.

However, with LEDs, this can be a thing of past or at least it can occur less frequently. LEDs are generally praised as being super resistant and durable. One LED light has a lifespan approximately 40 times longer than an incandescent light bulb. As for the fluorescent light bulbs, you would have to replace it up to 6 times than your average LED lamp.

Tips on how to choose the best LED grow light for your needs

What are your needs? If you are a small-time cannabis lover that likes an occasional puff, find something that wouldn’t set you back too much in the terms of money.On the other hand, if you are a pro, find something that could fit the need of your business.
Pricing: Don’t mind the price if you need quality. Yes, in the short run it will more expensive, but in the long run, by purchasing a LED grow light you get a lifetime of savings on electricity. Do you want it for professional use or personal (hobby) use? If you want to use it professionally, then I will recommend you to invest above $500. For personal (hobby) use, you should spend $150-300. If you want to get a grow light for personal purposes within $100, then I will strongly recommend you Marshydro Mars 300 LED grow light.
Quality: Before picking a product always check their quality. You may think ‘what should I consider while I am choosing a best grow light?’ Well, before buying a product always check its appearance, durability and internal and external hitting issues.
Appearance: The look of the product always matters. If your product isn’t attractive then no matter how useful it’s working, the grow light will never attract you. Before buying a grow light, you should consider its look.
Durability: A growing Light is an investment for you, no matter why you are buying it. You can use a durable product for a long time. So before choosing a grow light, consider the longevity of it!
A lifetime of LED: Before choosing the best LED growing light for your indoor garden or greenhouse, please consider the lifespan of LED bulbs which are inside the grow light.
Space matters! Before buying your gear, it’s a thing you should definitely do. Space is a big factor. Before picking a light, consider the size of it and also consider can you install it in your place or not. Why should you do this? Because, if you set a light too close then it will be destroyed or burnt! What is the perfect distance of grow light from the plants? Well, here I am giving you an example, for Mars, 300W LED grow light you have to set your grow light above 76 cm (or more) from the plants. So before choosing a grow light considers the space and light’s size.
Intensity. You should know about the intensity. For indoor gardening, the intensity is watts. For high performance choose a grow light which is giving higher watts. A 300W LED grow light can give you better performance than a 200W LED grow light.
What are you growing? Some strains of marijuana require different conditions than the others. see what your plant needs and acts accordingly.

I guess it was the perfect buying guide for you. Before picking a best LED grow light for your home, you should consider these things.

If it was our pick, we would definitely go with the G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Veg/Flower Grow Light. See its pros and decide if you agree with us.

Essential Tools for growing marijuana indoors

If you are a first-time grower, you may want to look at some of these essentials as there is a good chance you will need a few things.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right LED grow light can be a difficult choice because it usually the most expensive part of building your grow room as well as a major determining factor in the quality and quantity of your harvest. Paramount Seed Farms believes that the VIPARSPECTRA 600W is the ideal LED grow light for most spaces and budgets. Hopefully this rundown of LED grow lights was useful and hope that it helps you find the right LED light to help you grow the best marijuana that you can.

DIY Hydroponic Systems

We’ve consolidated our list of Best LED Grow Lights which will be updated with every light that we test – Check it out.

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