Our Favorite Grow Gear & Equipment

Updated: 11/28/2019

We get more emails about the equipment that we use that any other types of questions. This page is going to be an up-to-date running list of the types of grow equipment, nutrients, pest control, etc. We will list the last updated date above and below the content.

Grow Room

Multi-Chamber Grow TentMulti-Chamber Grow Tent

2-in-1 60”x48”x80” Grow Tent

Ready for a perpetual harvest? Taking tents to the next level. If you grow indoors with multiple tents, now you can consolidate or expand and have a truly perpetual harvest in the same amount of space.

TROPF BLUMAT Automatic Watering SystemTROPF BLUMAT Automatic Watering System

TROPF BLUMAT Automatic Watering System

The best handsoff watering system available. Simple and easy to use with no pump or electrical needed. Waters plants as they dry out. Amazing system, if you grow in pots, this is a must.

Grow Lights

Sun System LEC 315W CMH Grow LightSun System LEC 315W CMH Grow Light

Sun System LEC 315W CMH Grow Light

CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) grow lights are quickly becoming our go to. Mixed with other spectrum or by themselves, they not only deliver light but do it very efficiently and put out some serioud harvests, check ’em out.

4ft - 8 Lamp T5 Grow Light4ft - 8 Lamp T5 Grow Light

4ft – 8 Lamp T5 Grow Light

Best value anywhere, we promise. We run several of these in our veg rooms and all of our propagation stations.

Best LED Grow LightBest LED Grow Light

Veg/Bloom Switchable LED Grow Light

Excellent LED grow light, perfect for grow tents. We run a total of 12 in our test tents. You cannot beat the value and results.

Useful Tools

Battery Powered PumpBattery Powered Pump

Battery Powered Pump

If you still hand water plants, this tool will be indespensable. We use it to water our mother plants by hand. Here’s a rundown on how it works….

  1. Fill and mix your nutrient solution into a container, we use a 2.5 gallon water cooler for our mothers
  2. Insert the pump in your solution
  3. Make sure you can reach all your plants
  4. Turn on the pump and evenly water your plants

When you are hand watering, this little gadget is awesome! Check It Out

Boogie Blue PLUS Inline DechlorinatorBoogie Blue PLUS Inline Dechlorinator

Boogie Blue PLUS Inline Dechlorinator

If you are using city water or have tested your water and have trace chlorine, chloramines or other suspect elements in your water, you need this.

Nutrients & Supplements

Super Soil Organic ConcentrateSuper Soil Organic Concentrate

Super Soil Organic Concentrate

Currently testing this living soil amendment as a simpler, and more beginner-friendly solution to creating ‘Super Soil’. Stay tuned for updates. We will be posting a full grow series if our tests go well.

Tribus Microbial InoculantTribus Microbial Inoculant

Tribus Microbial Inoculant

This is a new one for us, we applied our first application on 7/18/2019. It has only been a few days on our 3 veg plants, but so far so good. They are happy. Based on the results of our next transplant, we’ll probably do a full write up. Tribus Microbial Inoculant is a highly-concentrated, targeted blend of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria that can be used with organic or conventional growing practices to increase crop quality and quantity. Maximize nutrient availability and uptake, improving root and stem growth, and increasing the plant’s growth rate. It is possible that Tribus will replace Great White in our arsenal.

Great White MycorrhizaeGreat White Mycorrhizae

Great White Mycorrhizae

We won’t grow without it. Seedlings, clones, hydro and outdoors. It gets our plants going fast and gives us the opportunity to start our feeding schedule at full strength much quicker. The roots…awesome.

True Base A+B NutrientsTrue Base A+B Nutrients

True Base A+B Nutrients

We switched to True for our base after we ran 2 test rooms. pH rarely needed adjusting, the final flush was cleaner than our other base nutrients and the finished product was excellent. Won’t switch until someone brings us something better.

True Canopy Boost Plant Foliar SprayTrue Canopy Boost Plant Foliar Spray

True Canopy Boost Plant Foliar Spray

Excellent all-around foliar. We use it to keep our mothers healthy, yet not out of control as well as giving young plants a nice boost. Check it out.

Foliar Feeding Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)

Improve your plants overall health. Read our post and make your own LAB and increase yields, terpene production and THC. Read Foliar Feeding – Amazing Plants with Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)

Aptus Plant-tech Premium CollectionAptus Plant-tech Premium Collection

Aptus Plant-tech Premium Collection

When we first started using Aptus supplements, they called us crazy…guess what, they’re using them now too. Big Yields. Tasty Terps.

Blackstrap MolassesBlackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses

Maybe one of best organic supplements for soil during the flowering stage.

Pest Control

Safer Brand Neem OilSafer Brand Neem Oil

Safer Brand Neem Oil

We use neem oil throughout the growing process as a preventitive as well as a supplement to better absorbtion for our foliar feeds.


Best Marijuana Grow BookBest Marijuana Grow Book

Jorge Cervantes Grow Books

The #1 authority on growing amazing cannabis, both indoors and out. These grow books by Jorge Cervantes are a must have reference for all growers to have handy.

Updated: 11/28/2019