Paramount Grain Management, Inc. a.k.a Paramount Seed Farms was established on the family farm of Mark E. and Edith Neher, near Quinter, Kansas, in 1947. Wichita Wheat and Osage Oats were the first varieties of certified seed to be grown. When Mark observed the higher quality and yields that resulted from planting certified seed, he knew he was “on to something.”

It did not take long for him to calculate and become excited about the positive impact that planting certified seed could have on his own, as well as his neighbors’ farms. Thus, Paramount Seed Farms was created for the purpose of selling “Quality seed at a fair price.” We continue with that philosophy today! We believe that Good Seed Is Paramount, and have been working for more than sixty years to make it that way. Quality assurance is of utmost importance! We won’t sell it if we wouldn’t plant it ourselves!

Our Quality Assurance begins with growers who plant state inspected foundation or registered seed on fields that are free of noxious weeds and volunteer crops. Paramount adheres to all standards for excellence that have been established by the Kansas Crop Improvement Association.

Each field is rouged for purity, prior to harvest. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned between each variety. Cleaned samples are then sent to KCIA for final testing on purity, germination, test weight, and seed size. Test results are printed on each certification label or bulk certificate. The label (or certificate) is your guarantee. If the product you receive does not meet our standards, we will do our utmost to “make it right.” We want our work to be for God’s glory and the Good of Our Neighbors!

All Paramount Seed, Paramount Bird Seed Ingredients, and Paramount All-Natural Food Grains are triple cleaned and graded for your profitable grain production and/or your healthy body nourishment. We use a screen cleaner, length grader, and gravity table. An additional de-bearding machine is also used with most of our barley, oats, and bird seed products. We use NO toxic chemicals!

Paramount Products are distributed either through retail, here at the Quinter office, or through a network of Paramount Dealers and/or Associates. With our worldwide licenses for distribution of many new barley varieties, our export activities are growing every year.