Bigger Autoflower Yields – Quick Guide to Bigger Yields Fast

Autoflowering strains have greatly improved over the years. Achieving respectable yields with auto-flowering strains is no longer something that should be doubted.

The first, and most crucial, step is to choose the right auto-flowering strain(s). As you may know, 9/10 times, the yield is strain-dependent.

Here are a few of our favorite, high-yielding, auto-flower strains:

You can view our whole list of Best High Yield Autoflower strains.

Best tips for bigger autoflower yields

Container Size

We recommend using at least 5 gallon pots of your choice if growing in soil.

Growing Medium

Lighter, airy soilless mixes are recommended with very good drainage. Add perlite to make your medium lighter and more airy. If using Pro Mix (Our preferred medium), mix more perlite into your pot(s) 25% perlite, 75% Pro Mix, approximate.

If you prefer hydroponics, you will get the best yields from auto-flowers by using the DWC method.


Always grow auto-flower strains in the same pot for the entire life cycle of the plant.

Lighting Schedule

The first 18 days or so, run your lights for 24 hours. Starting the 19th day, switch the lights to 18 hours on, 6 hours off. *Also make sure to keep your lights at the perfect height in early stages to prevent unwanted stretching.


Using beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae are going to jumpstart growth and get your plant’s roots exploding. Bigger roots, bigger fruits.

We use Tribus and have been testing MYCO Jordan with great results in our photoperiod gardens.

Foliar Feeding

Start foliar feeding after 10 days once a week for 2 weeks. We use Canopy and LAB in all of our gardens, both indoor and out. *Use 1/2 strength for autoflowering. *Canopy can be used throughout the entire grow cycle if you choose to.

Nutrient Feeding

Use 1/2 strength nutrient feeding. *Apply 1 feed at about day 8 at 1/4 strength. No other feeding in until first signs of flower.

Low Stress Training


Use LST (Low Stress Training). Start bending and tying down branches after roughly 21-24 days. Use Rapiclip wire or Twist Ties.

Combining the previously mentioned tips with standard growing practices you have used while growing photoperiod plants will get bigger yields from auto-flowering strains.

Here you can find a quick and simple guide to growing autos in soil or better yet, grow amazing flower by only adding water to your plants… Learn about Super SoilSuper Soil Recipes.