Yellow Leaves

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Cannabis Zinc Deficiency

Zinc Deficiency

Issue: With a marijuana zinc deficiency, more youthful leaves start yellowing in between the veins. Leaf suggestions get tarnished and begin passing away. The leaves might handle a unique banded look and …

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Issue: If your plant is sagging, then it’s normally an indication of either over or under-watering. Skip the over/under-watering of your cannabis plants and DIY your own cannabis hydroponics system. Marijuana Underwatering …

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Cannabis Sulfur Deficiency

Sulfur Deficiency

Problem: A sulfur deficiency is relatively rare and will manifest itself as all-over chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), usually starting with the newer leaves and at first may look like a nitrogen deficiency. …

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Root Rot

Root Rot

Cannabis Root Rot – Slimy, brown, twisted or unhealthy roots are caused by unwanted pathogens in your hydroponic tank! The marijuana plant on the left is healthy, and the plant on the …

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