Spots or Markings

Grow better cannabis with Spots or Markings articles and tutorials from Paramount Seed Farms.

Whiteflies Cannabis


White flies appear like small white moths when they’re flying around and otherwise act a bit like spider termites; hanging out below the leaves and taking vital nutrients from the plant. This …

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Thrips Cannabis


What Does Cannabis Thrip Damage Look Like? Adult thrips are small, fast-moving insects, while young thrips look like tiny unmoving pale worms on the leaves. In fact, thrips can come in many …

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Spider Mites on Cannabis

Spider Mites

Spider mites are part of the mite family and are related to spiders, ticks, and other mites. Although they’re a common cannabis pest, they can be very difficult to get rid of. …

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Slugs and Snails Cannabis

Slugs or Snails

Slugs or Snails Attacking Your Cannabis Plants? Get Rid of Them Quick! Ewwww slugs and snails are eating the leaves and buds of my cannabis plants!!!! Although not the most common cannabis …

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Root Rot

Root Rot

Cannabis Root Rot – Slimy, brown, twisted or unhealthy roots are caused by unwanted pathogens in your hydroponic tank! The marijuana plant on the left is healthy, and the plant on the …

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