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Root Rot

Root Rot

Cannabis Root Rot – Slimy, brown, twisted or unhealthy roots are caused by unwanted pathogens in your hydroponic tank! The marijuana plant on the left is healthy, and the plant on the …

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Slugs and Snails Cannabis

Slugs or Snails

Slugs or Snails Attacking Your Cannabis Plants? Get Rid of Them Quick! Ewwww slugs and snails are eating the leaves and buds of my cannabis plants!!!! Although not the most common cannabis …

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Problem: After watering, your plants start drooping. Usually the droopy leaves will feel firm and appear curled down (the whole leaf will be curled, not just the tips, which is often a …

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pH Fluctuations

pH Fluctuations

Quick Summary: Handling pH is vital for marijuana plants to be able to use up nutrients through their roots. When the pH around the roots leaps up and down, it can worry …

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