Runtz Strain


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

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> 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Runtz Seeds

Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Runtz is a uniquely balanced hybrid seed. Some people know it by the name “Runtz OG,” and it’s a pretty rare hybrid cannabis seed. Its origin is somewhat interesting, considering that it is made by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato. This seed has been rising in popularity over the last couple of years, and it’s not surprising to find out that in 2020 the Runtz strain was voted strain of the year by Leafly. Many growers have come forward to confirm that this seed can be the crown jewel of any cannabis garden. This strain contains resin-drenched buds ranging from rich purple to green. Runtz strain originated in LA, was created by Cookies, and is derived from a combination of Gelato and Zkittlez. It produces colorful nugs. As a hybrid with different phenotypes, it can be other Indica or Sativa dominant depending on growing conditions. This strain is also very rare and elusive, so, if you get it, you should savor it.

What Are the Parents of Runtz?

The Runtz cannabis strain is sometimes called Runtz OG and was made by crossing Gelato with Zkittlez. One of its parents, Gelato, was the Strain of the Year in 2018 on Leafly and is itself a blend of Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. The other parent – Zkittlez – is a hybrid produced from crossing Grapefruit and Grape Ape. So you can see that Runtz is very varied in its genetics.

Is Runtz Indica or Sativa?

Runtz is a hybrid strain with evenly balanced genetics, that is, it is 50 percent Sativa and 50 Percent Indica.

Germinating Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Germination is guaranteed, especially when you use the paper towel method and leave the Runtz seeds for up to 120 hours in darkness. This method involves placing them between moist paper towels and in turn covering them with plates and storing them in a drawer, cupboard or similarly dark space. When the Runtz seeds begin to show taproots, you can put them in loose soil or whatever grow medium you are using.

Growing Feminized Runtz Seeds

Runtz seeds are not the easiest cannabis seeds to grow. No matter if you are growing indoors or outdoors, these seeds require a more experienced grower or, at the very least, a decent amount of preparation and research to grow.

Runtz cannabis can grow well both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor growing produces a slightly higher yield of more than 600 grams per crop. Indoors, your plants will flower within 63 days and produce yields of about 450 grams per square meter planted.

Runtz plants grow lighter and wispier than other strains that share some of its genetics. Their trichomes tend to grow in string-like calyxes that will look beautiful in your garden. Generally, this strain has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks and you can harvest in September. The plant will grow to 180 cm if grown outside but should remain shorter in an indoor setting.

If you wish to encourage more lateral than vertical growth in your Runtz plants, consider using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method to encourage them into easy-to-manage growing patterns. You also want to provide your crop with sufficient nitrogen for maximum yields.

Indoor or outdoor?

These cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you are growing runtz seeds, you should ensure the soil is rich in nutrients by watering it in compost tea. If you choose to grow these seeds hydroponically, ensure you supply your plant with adequate oxygen in the latter stages of flowering to allow the production of enough buds. Runtz is highly resistant to mold, however, it grows best inside a grow tent. Runtz works better indoors as it allows the grower to control the environment.

Growing difficulty

Runtz seeds are pretty challenging to grow. While Runtz can be grown by relative beginners, it takes a more experienced grower to really make the plants thrive and deliver their optimum yields. Much of this difficulty comes from the specific climate requirements for growing Runtz seeds.

Is Runtz Suitable for Beginners?

As we mentioned, Runtz cannabis is very desirable and is, therefore, not very easy to obtain. However, if you do manage to get the seeds to this strain, you will find that the crop is easy to grow for cultivators of every skill level, including beginners.

Variations of the Runtz Strain

The Runtz strain was so successful that breeders had no choice not to produce an autoflowering version of the strain – Runtz Auto. Runtz Auto has much the same characteristics as the original version and can produce almost similarly high yields within a shorter timeline. You can expect this plant to enter the flowering stage in just 70 days from seed.

Runtz Auto is shorter than the original variation, with a final height of about 120cm. If you provide the plants with optimum lighting conditions and enough nutrients, they could produce up to 600 grams per meter square planted.

Besides the autoflowering version, Runtz has also been used to produce child strains like Pink Runtz and Runtz Buttonz – with equally impressive genetics – and variations like Obama Runtz and White Runtz.

Runtz Yields

This plant is a heavy yielder so be prepared to get the most of your runtz carts purchases.

Growing tips for the Runtz seeds

The good thing about these seeds is that they can grow in soil. However, whatever soil you use should be nutrient-rich, well-aerated, and well-draining. Likewise, if you choose to raise the Runtz seeds, you will need to water them regularly to grow and flower successfully. Consider watering it sufficiently every 1-3 days. Ensure you don’t overwater to avoid drooping/wilting, yellowing or curling downwards. What you should do is water well but not too often.


A controlled environment is perfect for ensuring the cannabinoid levels are well-maintained. These seeds can hold high humidity, but it might dry up and eventually wither if it gets too hot.

Runtz Feminized Seeds

Runtz seeds have become a pretty popular strain, and many growers describe them as having resin-drenched buds ranging in color from rich purple to lime green.

Runtz Feminized FAQs

How long does Runtz Feminized take to germinate?

When you use the paper towel method, they should germinate within 72 hours. However, in some cases, Runtz seeds can take as long as 120 hours or as little as 24 hours.

What is the Runtz Feminized flower time?

In most cases, these seeds should start flowering anywhere between 7-9 weeks.

How long does it take for Runtz Feminized to grow?

The growth of these seeds starts immediately after germination and continues for weeks until it’s time to harvest.

Does Runtz Feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

If you are growing the Runtz seeds, it would be better to grow them in nutrient-rich, well-aerated, well-draining soil.

How tall does Runtz Feminized grow?

However tall these seeds grow, don’t expect the plant to get past 78 inches.

Where’s the best place to Runtz Feminized in the USA?

You can the best Runtz Feminized seeds from Premium Cultivars, which is America’s top-shelf seed bank. Premium sells different size packs of Runtz feminized, and if you are interested in buying your seeds in bulk quantities, premium offers wholesale cannabis. At Premium Cultivar, expect nothing but the best quality seeds the market has to offer.

Are there any other names for Runtz Feminized?

Runtz seeds are also known as “Runtz OG.” There are also a few variations of Runtz, such as Obama Runtz and White Runtz for sale from Premium Cultivars.

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