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ACDC Strain

Strain Growing & Seeds Info

Type: Sativa Dominant

Cannabinoids: 1% THC, 20% CBD

Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene

Effects: Relaxing, Anti-stress, Focus

Landrace Strain: Cannatonic

Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Harvest: 9-10 Weeks / 12 Weeks

Yield: Up to 400g/㎡ / Up to 500g/plant

Height: Up to 3ft indoor / >3ft outdoor

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A detailed ACDC strain review – scientific specs, medicinal use, growing ACDC strain tips, and where ACDC seeds for sale online.

There’s a vast number of individuals that want to indulge in the therapeutic effects of cannabis. There is, however, an issue that holds them back — getting high.

Researchers worldwide agree that cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, play significant medical roles. However, not everyone wants to feel like they’re in a stoner comedy for hours. THC is well known for its psychoactive effects and prevalence in most cannabis strains.

On the other hand, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that provides healing potential without side effects. If you’re on the fence about getting stoned, a high-CBD strain is what you need.

Year after year, breeders actively create new CBD-specific strains. One of the most effective CBD strains to date is AC/DC.

Read along to learn about the AC/DC strain, its medical benefits, cultivation tips, and how to buy ACDC seeds online.

About ACDC Strain – ACDC Seeds

To understand the background of AC/DC, you must learn about Cannatonic.

Cannatonic is a high-THC and CBD cannabis strain from Resin Seeds. The breeders at Resin Seeds believe that THC and CBD are the key to medicinal marijuana. Everything changed in 2008 when Resin Seeds created Cannatonic, a particular phenotype of Juanita la Lagrimosa.

After the release of Cannatonic seeds, the breeders at NorStar Genetics began to experiment with Cannatonic. As NorStar started its selection process among several Cannatonic F1s, a unique phenotype was found.

The phenotype was Sativa-dominant and contained a sufficient CBD concentration. Furthermore, the phenotype did not provide detectable levels of THC. In other words, NorStar found a Cannatonic phenotype that was overwhelmingly CBD-dominant.

After subsequent trials, NorStar named the phenotype AC/DC.

Since its release, medical marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts worldwide have hailed the therapeutic effects of ACDC weed.

Growing ACDC Seeds

Before you begin anything, you must find ACDC seeds from a reliable online vendor. Due to the healing potential of ACDC, many companies claim to have the real deal when they don’t.

Once you have certified ACDC seeds, it’s time to get cracking. Germinate your ACDC seeds with care via the paper towel method or in a peat cell. Remember, CBD’s final concentration depends on how well you treated your ACDC seeds during the beginning of their life.

Now, let’s take a look at the growing difficulty of ACDC.

Grow Difficulty:

The ACDC strain is moderately difficult to grow.

The primary reason novices believe that ACDC is challenging to cultivate is its sensitivity to nutrients. The mantra of less is more applies to ACDC, and you must feed with half-strength nutrients.

However, once ACDC begins to flower, amp up the nutrient content to celebrate under a canopy of CBD-rich buds.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

The ACDC strain prefers a Mediterranean climate.

Overall, you must ensure a temperature range of 75-85°F. ACDC does not enjoy large temperature swings, so keep your thermostat in a short range to avoid any issues. Furthermore, ACDC prefers a humidity level of 40%.

AC/DC seeds grow optimally in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, there is no advantage of hydroponics over soil-based mediums.

The CBD content will likely be higher if you grow your ACDC seeds indoors. The primary reason is that indoor environments allow cannabis plants to avoid outside stressors, such as pests, wind, and fluctuating temperatures.

Flowering Time:

ACDC flowers within ten weeks from the onset of 12/12.

If you grow ACDC plants indoors, expect a harvest between 9-10 weeks. If you cultivate ACDC plants outdoors, prepare your trimmers for an October harvest.

Remember, ACDC is a Sativa-dominant phenotype and results in a long flowering period.


The yield of ACDC is significant for a high-CBD strain.

Indoors, ACDC is capable of 400 grams per meter squared. If you grow your ACDC seeds outdoors, they may yield upwards of 500 grams per plant.

With this much ACDC at your disposal, you won’t need to restock your medicine cabinet anytime soon.


Although ACDC is Sativa-dominant, it does not express Sativa-like growth. Instead, ACDC grows moderately tall and focuses its growth outwards.

ACDC plants feature many branches, making them the ideal candidate for the Screen of Green or LST techniques. Either of these methods produces an even canopy — a necessary component of a productive garden.

If you grow AC/DC seeds outdoors, clip the top nodes to produce a crown of bud sites. As the summer months wane into autumn, your ACDC plants will yield buckets of resin-packed bud.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

ACDC is not resistant to pests and mold.

ACDC’s lack of resilience is a primary factor in why many novices claim that ACDC is a difficult strain to grow. Luckily for you, this ACDC review has tips to push your crop to its potential.

Implement these techniques to ensure a pest and disease-free cannabis garden:

  • Always wear clean clothes in the garden
  • Never accept clones from another grower
  • Never overwater
  • Utilize one oscillating fan per square meter
  • Adequately space your plants
  • Use a humidifier to decrease the humidity
  • Apply organic preventatives, such as Neem oil

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of ACDC Weed:

ACDC weed looks exactly like THC-rich marijuana.

As you hold a bud of ACDC, the trichomes glitter across the entire surface. The calyxes burst forth, and the pistils twist and curl at every millimeter. Any cannabis enthusiast would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between ACDC weed and THC-rich flowers.

ACDC Strain - ACDC Seeds
As you hold a bud of ACDC, the trichomes glitter across the entire surface. The calyxes burst forth, and the pistils twist and curl at every millimeter.

ACDC Seeds Dominant Cannabinoids

The dominant cannabinoid in ACDC seeds is CBD.

The ACDC strain is a rarity because it expresses a 1:20 THC/CBD ratio. In other words, ACDC seeds contain a cannabinoid content of 20% CBD. Compare this sky-high number with the average CBD content in THC-rich cannabis — less than 1%.

ACDC contains roughly 1% THC and is insufficient to make you feel high. The stigma of THC prevents millions of people from experiencing cannabis. Alternatively, ACDC provides everything cannabis has to offer without THC.

Because of the lack of THC, patients worldwide seek ACDC seeds.

ACDC Seeds Dominant Terpenes

ACDC seeds contain three dominant terpenes.

  • Myrcene – The myrcene in ACDC provides ample floral hues reminiscent of fresh morning dew.
  • Pinene – The pinene content in ACDC produces a piney aroma that’s subtle and sweet.
  • Caryophyllene – The caryophyllene in ACDC promotes a spicy skunk-like aroma and flavor. Caryophyllene is the most pungent aspect of ACDC weed.

As each terpene molds into one, the aroma and flavor are distinct. ACDC weed contains a pungent smell of fruity skunk and spicy honeydew. The overall taste of skunked-out herbal spice is mild and short-lived.

ACDC Strain Effects

The first question that people who are unfamiliar with cannabis ask is — does ACDC make you high?

The answer is no. However, ACDC does produce a series of effects that are categorically non-psychoactive. As you consume ACDC, an immediate sensation of relaxation and euphoria occurs. If you have any level of stress — you can kiss it goodbye.

Furthermore, ACDC weed provides users with focus and determination. Unlike THC-rich strains, ACDC never makes you feel too high.

ACDC Seeds Medical Properties

The medical properties of ACDC weed are astounding.

CBD is well-known to assist with several medical issues. The primary factor of CBD is its relationship with the endocannabinoid system. As you consume ACDC weed, CBD triggers the endocannabinoid system, which subsequently interacts with the central nervous system and immune response.

Most studies on CBD are for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. However, there is ample evidence that CBD strains, such as ACDC, are therapeutic for post-chemotherapy patients.

Here’s a list of mental and physical effects that ACDC weed can assist with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Seizures
  • Drug Addiction
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • And Much More

CBD’s potential is seemingly limitless, and patients around the world scramble at the chance to own ACDC seeds. If you’re in the USA, there’s no better time to find ACDC seeds now that the government allows low THC strains.

Currently, ACDC seeds are incredibly popular in California and Oregon. These two states are at the forefront of medical marijuana, so it makes sense that each state produces an abundance of ACDC weed.

ACDC Strain Negative Effects

Sometimes, too much of a good thing has consequences.

Some users experience an adverse reaction if they consume a significant amount of ACDC. Some adverse effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • PTSD
  • Dry Mouth
  • Red Eyes

However, the adverse effects of ACDC weed are few and far between.

Pros/Cons of Growing ACDC Seeds


  • Extremely Therapeutic
  • Sky-High Levels of CBD
  • Abundant Yield
  • Vigorous Growth
  • Great Bag Appeal


  • Average Aroma
  • Difficult to Find ACDC Seeds for sale
  • Not Resistant to Pests and Diseases
  • Sensitive to nutrients

AC/DC Strain Seeds FAQs

What is AC/DC Strain?

ACDC Strain - ACDC Seeds for Sale

AC/DC Strain is a high CBD cannabis strain known for its high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), up to 20%, and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), approx. 1%. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is believed to have various therapeutic benefits. At the same time, THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis use.

What are the effects of AC/DC Strain?

AC/DC strain is known to have various therapeutic effects due to its high levels of CBD. Many users report feeling relaxed, calm, and pain-free after consuming this strain. It can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as relieve symptoms of various medical conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What are the benefits of using AC/DC Strain?

The high levels of CBD in AC/DC strain are believed to provide various therapeutic benefits. Some of the most commonly reported benefits include:
– Reducing pain and inflammation
– Improving sleep quality
– Reducing anxiety and depression
– Improving focus and concentration
– Relieving symptoms of medical conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD

What are the side effects of using AC/DC Strain?

The side effects of using AC/DC strain are generally mild and may include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. These side effects are more likely to occur when consuming higher doses of the strain. As with any cannabis product, starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it as needed is important.