Build a Complete Grow Room For Under $500

By grower • Updated: 10/10/21 • 4 min Read
Build a Complete Grow Room For Under $500

Starting your first grow or even adding an additional room for a different growth stage can be an expensive venture. Paramount Seed Farms has put together a complete grow room build for under $500 that will not only pay for itself in a short period of time but will prove that big things can come from small places.

The complete grow room will cover all aspects of your setup besides plants and water.

Grow Tent

The grow tent is the grow room and the most important part of this guide. If you are simply growing for yourself and not on a commercial scale, grow tents offer numerous advantages. The biggest advantage to a grow tent is that you don’t have to take on any construction or make structural changes to your living space. Also at any time, you can choose to move your grow room in a matter of 30-40 minutes rather than a trying to tear down and rebuild a full grow room construction. View the Best 4×4 Grow Tents.

LED Grow Light

LED grow lights have advanced and are advancing at lightning speeds. It depends on who you ask, but when it comes to your light bill and grams/watt – LEDs are the best choice for smaller grows. LED grow lights offer a wider light spectrum and consume far less electricity than their counterpart HID grow lights. We have tested and tested. We’ve concluded that you may sacrifice a small amount of yeild, but your end product will be more potent. View the Best LED Grow Lights

Hydroponics System

A simple single plant in this grow room build under a powerful LED should yield several ounces of finished product and depending on strain and the amount of training you plan to do, you may approach the 6-8 ounce range fairly easily. This hydroponics system is user friendly and paired with the nutrient system below, you will have a potent and bountiful harvest from your grow room for less than $500.

Ventilation & Filtration

It is essential to keep air moving throughout your grow room. Filtration is a big factor when growing weed indoors. Depending on where you live it may still be illegal so masking smell is very important. Also, having everything smell like fresh growing weed is just not a great thing, even if we all love it, we may not want others to know.


The right nutrient balance for feeding your developing plants is as important, if not most important than any other piece of the puzzle. We have been growing indoors and out for 15 years and know for a 100% fact that simpler is better and also results in less problems in the future. This kit contains nutrients both macro and micro that are formulated to work together. For best results, always use slightly less than recommended mix. Always check your pH before and after feeding to get an understanding of how your feeding is affecting your reservoir. This will also help you better understand your plants nutrient uptake and depending on the health of the plant whether it prefers heavy feedings or light feedings.

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