Trump Seeds

Paramount Seed Farms has 19 strains on record from Trump Seeds.

Mark (MASTER M.Ds) at trump seeds, only create quality mixes of different strains to complement each other, getting the best of both worlds, mixing old with new and new with new, also mixing the same strains to get quality flavors and strong plants, all strains are from 25% thc to as high as 30% thc.
mixing cup winners with different cup winners to create new cup winners,connoisseurs will love these new flavors,we only use the best genetics and highest THC content for breeding, each strain takes over 2 years to create to get the best stable plants, if they are not up to my standard, and i am fussy at my age, i will not sell them, QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY, I want you to come back for more, any problems with seeds will be sorted the day we are informed.
ALL 100% Feminised seeds
All F1 hybrid first generation seeds
New strains you won’t get anywhere else