2Buds Genetics

Paramount Seed Farms has 2 strains on record from 2Buds Genetics.

Two friends with a long time passion for the art of growing, and breeding cannabis.

Located in the “Greenbelt” of Ontario, we are a couple of smaller breeders, with a focus on making stable genetics from existing strains from reputable breeders that have been tried and tested in our growing facilities. After much work and amazing feedback on our current strains, we’ve decided to make them public.

We strive to always bring out the fire to our friends, and make the best of the best when it comes to our strains. Initially, we were going to keep our strains local – but we have decided to share our crosses and are always at work towards making even more gorgeous girls to share with all of our friends.

Specializing in feminized breeding with the STS method, and the occasional regs.

Strain THC Flower Time  
Coco Grape by 2Buds Genetics

Coco Grape


53 Days

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The Grapist by 2Buds Genetics

The Grapist


60 Days

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