Best Automatic Watering System for Soil

Watering your plants properly in any soil/soilless garden is extremely important. Of course, we all know that some crops are more valuable than others and under-watering or over-watering can not only cause serious problems, it could result at the end of the garden altogether.

What if there was a system available that required no electrical, timers, or other efforts other than a proper setup? What if someone is disabled or no longer able to manually water their garden? The first thing that came to mind for us was medical marijuana and general accessibility issues that someone with medical problems may have. There are also those individuals that just simply don’t have a ‘green thumb’ or maybe you are simply trying to grow your own while working 2 jobs and have little to no time to dedicate to your garden and need to maximize every aspect of your grow. The solution to these problems and obstacles lies in a single product that is absolutely amazing…Blumats.

Soil Moisture

Best Automatic Watering System For Your Soil Garden

Using Blumats you’ll get increased yields/potency, less work, and use fewer nutrients – making your grow more efficient.

The single downside to Blumats is that if you are using nutrients with a high salt content (we won’t name names), then your feed tubes will eventually get clogged. Now, the same can be said of any nutrients really, however, nutrients with a high salt content are more likely to negatively affect your overall Blumat system. Even organic nutrients could cause clogging issues. How do we avoid these possibilities? Blumats + Super Soil!

The Next Level: Blumats + Super Soil

Super Soil Organic Concentrate
This living soil amendment is full of microorganisms with all the nutrients your plants need from seed to harvest. It's been 'cooked' and ready to be added to your favorite soil.

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Let’s get this thing setup:

Super Soil

  1. You can read our whole page dedicated to various Super Soil Recipes and select the right one for you.
  2. Setup your Blumats
  3. That’s it!

Yes, we over simplified most of this but we definitely think that if you look into Blumats, you’ll quickly realize that they are by far the best solution for automating your watering with soil/soilless gardens.


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